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A Strategic Future

Planung Vorbeugen Burnout, Fehlzeiten und Bewältigen Stress . Komplete Strategisch Prävention. Ich zeige Ihnen wie!

Machen Sie sich bei der Arbeit fit

Wir Trainieren Ihre Mitarbeiter im Büro. In nur 5-20 Minuten Für ein entspannteres, stärkeres und energiegeladenes Gefühl bei der Arbeit

Ganzheitlich & funktional

Spezifisch für die Bedürfnisse jedes einzelnen Lebensstils. Echte Fitness ist mehr als Schwitzen und Heben schwerer Gewichte! Jedes Training sollte die Ganzheitlichkeit erhöhen.

Messbare Ergebnisse

Wir bieten Möglichkeiten zur Messung und Bewertung der Fitness. Wir berücksichtigen den Lebensstil und das Temperament jedes einzelnen Mitarbeiters und empfehlen den besten Ansatz für nachhaltige Ergebnisse.

What we do for you


Analyse Specific Needs

Assess, the company Needs and better incentives for the well being of all employees. Please see the need Analysis here for more details.


Design Efficient Program

Smart approach That will save time, money, and the longterm well-being of the employee.


Align With Company Needs

To minimize or eradicate Health-related preventable issues like stress, Burnouts, back problems, Carpaturnel syndrome. Well being may increase productivity and efficiency at work


Individual Employees Needs

Assess, Evaluate Each employee individual need and map the best approach to the desired outcome


At Work Efficient Care

Our exercises are designed for the office to provide a well rounded approach to fitness training and wellbeing that is adaptable for each individual.


Variety Of Fitness & Wellness

We provide for a variety of exercise routines. The choice of popular programs include Pilates, yoga, Stretching, Qingong, and Taichi.

About Us

Excellence Training provides Fitness and wellness consulting and implementation services. We design hands-on Efficient, Effective, and measurable results. Complete Fitness and wellness that will reduce stress and increase productivity as well as enhance each individual employee’s quality of life.

Our speciality

Fitness Assesment & Test

A complete Fitness Assessment of the most vital components of fitness including Energy requirements for work and leisure.

Body & Mind Training

Mind and body affect each other. Our program includes progressive mental exercises like the famous Progressive Muscles Relaxation, Meditation, or mindfulness. Active meditation helps to invigorate the whole body, increase circulation, relieve tensions, and aches.

Simple Nutritional Advice

We provide information and guidance on the best nutritional strategy on request. Food is a source of energy for our bodies. Wrong food at the wrong time affects the body, our moods, and productivity. Knowing what to eat and when is vital to life long results.

Functional Holistic Fitness

Footballer trains for football, a marathon runner trains to endure a 42 km run! Holistic and functional fitness training increases the energy efficiency of the body and enables optimum performance and quick recovery after strenuous activity.

Excellence Training -“More than just fitness training, it is a way of life”

“Men sana in corpore sano.”

Corporate Fitness 

You cannot just train with everybody. There are many good Fitness Training approaches, Fitness Studios, Gyms, and Offers. Real excellent measurable results require the knowledge, experience, and expertise in delivering that guarantees life-long lasting results.

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