Mind Training

Mind Training

What is the “Mind?”

the mind is a very fluid concept of all the unknown factors that make up know, think, feel, perceive anything. Some experts say it does not exist, some call it spirit. you can call it what you want, the mind is not the Brain.

There are many functions factors of the mind (you can read it all here) to avoid a lengthy lecture and discourse of what it is or isn’t. Let us call ‘it’ mind and how we can use our mind to get the results and outcomes that we want.

The BRAIN is the physical hub for all nervous systems of the body. Well this is not a biology or science lesson….

We can train our mind to help us feel the way we want to feel or to steer us in the direction of our highest goals and ideals because our mind learns implicitly, assimilates and adapts to the stimuli of our environment. We all tend to be influenced by the language and cultures we are born in. Most of who and what we think we are is learned in out childhood and conditioned to seem automatic!

Reality is really very plastic indeed, that is why no two people are exactly alike. We all interpret and make meaning of the world in our own unique ways and when we are really free to find our own selves then we live life out of choice that a reaction to the demands and manipulation of others!

Neuroscience have studied how the mind really works. From the release of biochemical hormones to regulating body temperature.

When we train the mind to relax and work for a our whole some well-being, then we can create better habits of mind and body.

There are tools for training the mind. One of the most effective psychological tools is hypnosis; a method and technique for accessing trance. We learn and use any skill in a trance or trance-like state of mind. As a small child, you learned to speak, you learned to stand, and to walk now you effortlessly talk, read and write!

Everything becomes hardwired through repetition. We train and condition the mind with pleasure, we remove negative programs of the past and reshape our future to the one we Idealise.

Get a mind training experience for free then make up you mind.

Holistic Fitness – Training mind and Body

Holistic Fitness – Training mind and Body

  • A Holistic Approach to Fitness means achieving a balance between your  Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual life

A modern case of  too much “Science and pseudosciences” Technology, and too many peddlers Merchants of health and fitness

We find ourselves are caught between Doctors, Professors, Researchers, and ‘experts’  who advise us and inform us about our health or well being yet they themselves are unwell, unhealthy and addicted to all form of stress, smoking or are overweight, suffer from chronic back pains just like everybody else! 

The same experts, researchers, and shrewd merchants have long compromised and sold out to big Pharmaceuticals industries that want to put everybody under medication at the slightest excuse or made-up reason.

Our suffering and pains are exploitable for more profits. Our life energy, the time of our life, our natural talents our strength our personal power is spent at work and exchanged for far much less than we are worth!

What do you really need to be HUMAN? Alive, fit, and healthy your whole life?

You need wholeness: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically!

Sometimes it takes a new way of thinking and looking at life, giving new meaning to your daily life. Acknowledging your needs,  deep feeling s, and embracing life!  What you know, believe, and the laws or codes you live by unchecked might have to be changed in order for your habits, the right source of energy through food, and motivation all tune-up to get you better results.

Body, Mind, and Soul

Let’s look at the inner values, the very core of your being what supports or hinders you to produce the results you want and desire?

Are you caught up in modern culture? Is your lifestyle sets up to produce stress?

The real madness is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results!

Most people have bad experiences with fitness training or sports because of not really knowing what to do or how to go about it to get the results they want Excellence Training is a systematic, results-oriented approach.

We identify clear smart goals and results you want in your life and we make a clear plan and strategy on how to get them in the most efficient and effective way. Plus you get also to know yourself, learn, and enjoy the process! This is Total self- empowerment.

Nutrition: It’s not just about food or advice on what not to eat or not. What you eat,  how you eat, and when you eat matters.

It’s true you are what you eat too. To really understand the rules of good nutritional habits and use this to enjoy your life, even more, is what excellence training is about.

Energize, heal, and regenerate your body with what you eat.

Diets and quick fix tricks have their place. For real-life changes and results, you need a  trainer and coach who has the qualification, expertise, and experience to guide you and assist you to get lasting results.

yours Alex

Clever Ways to Motivate Yourself

Clever Ways to Motivate Yourself

“The Motivation Myth”

Are you “lacking” motivation? In all the excuses I have heard about fitness training. Lack of motivation ranks way high up! My usual answer is motivation is a very “fat” word, it does not exist it means nothing. Just an excuse of the mind!

You either FEEL the pains of being overweight, unhealthy, and out of touch with yourself or you enjoy the PLEASURE of gradual incremental changes that improve your life one step at a time.

Pain and pleasure are the greatest motivating factors of human existence. Even animals respond to reward and punishment and allow themselves to be tamed, trained and conditioned to behave and perform in a circus!

There are many ways you can motivate yourself to start and keep exercising. apart from indulging yourself in sexy outfits, and looking fabulous, you can arrange for a Foto-shooting with an expert Photographer to put yourself on the irrevocable path of change from where you are now toa fitter, slimmer, lighter, sexier you.

Especially if you are preparing for the BEST DAY of your life when you make those MAGICAL VOWS of ” I DO!”

By the way, for preparation for you great moments like wedding, Oscars, Emmys, Gala event or any event where you want to feel at your best, look your best and get the envy and admiration of all your friends and enemies, check out the intensive 14 days program

Get exited about your final outcomes. keep at it consistently, relentlessly and you will find yourself enthused each day to exercise because you feel much better and look much healthier each day!

and if you need real support drop me a line or call

Best regards, Alex

What Is The Best Time For Training?

What Is The Best Time For Training?

We adapt to what we repeatedly do. Our body is constantly on the move, changing, adapting, compensating, renewing growing.

With all the complexity of our body, There are factors we need to consider when training or exercising. Biological and environmental factors.

from the internet: human systems

General biological factors considered, there are physical and mental rhythms of the body. Ultradian and Circardian rythm.

Repeatedly our body goes through cycles daily. there is a 90-120 minutes cycling of the sleep stages when we are sleeping. There are other cycles too such as infradian rhythms specific to mammals such as menstruation, breeding, migration, hibernation, molting, and fur growth.

These natural cycles are automatic and they influence the body in unique ways.

Every person has adapted themselves to their unique situations in life. Some people sleep late, some early. On a biochemical level, the effects on the body make a huge difference to the general well-being of a person!

Eating right and getting enough rest helps regulate the bio-chemical balance of the body and improves your vitality tremendously!

On a general rule of thumbs; Early morning – around 6 am is the best time to meditate and prepare for the day. Around 9 -10 can be a good time for a workout and from 17:00 O’clock-18:30; when it is time to calm down again.

Making sensible adjustment to your biological rhythms is a fine a matter of finding a balance between your work-life and private-life! A great fitness program should include all these aspects of your lifestyle!

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