Learn The Powerful Secrets Of your 
own mind!  Privately, As A Couple or in a small Group

Training the mind to fully respond, experience pleasure, and Become Fully Human!

Who Else Wants To Use

The Power Of Pleasure

To Build Better Relationships?

“When You Give A Woman The ‘Gift’ Of Becoming Fully Orgasmic And Free From Emotional Pain, She Will Move Heaven And Earth To Make YOU Happy!” – Mark. Cunningham

Individual Session

You can book your own private session or tuition tailor-made to fit your own unique situation, desire, and or wishes.

Couples Sessions

Take the levels of intimacy with your spouse/significant other to new heights. Learn together and touch the real experience the real joy of love and authentic intimacy

Group Sessions

Join a small group in an emotionally safe environment. Space where you can feel safe, natured, respected, and uplifted by the presence of others.

“I Lead You Through The Best Sex Of Your Life While Sitting In a Chair Fully Clothed!

Douglas Alexander

Douglas is a martial artist, Trainer, teacher, and a renegade hypnotist. A graduate of several reputable schools of hypnosis.

Learning Erotic hypnosis directly from  Mark Cunningham  was a life-changing experience. Mark Cunningham is one of the genuine rebels when it comes to the pursuit of maximizing human potential. As one of the most experienced hypnotists in the world, he authors cutting-edge classes train physicians and therapists in the use of hypnosis as therapy and give Human Potential / Sexuality seminars and live events throughout Europe, North America, Australia, and Asia. Because of this Mark has become one of the world’s most sought after experts in hypnosis, as well as relationship coaching and sexuality training. Mark’s unique approach is the result of nearly 40,000 professional clinical hypnosis sessions and results in rapid, permanent changes to identity, beliefs, and behaviors.



Imagine Being With A Woman Who Is Happy And Fully Orgasmic!

Virtual Training

If you prefer to learn privately and discreetly. You can book and learn in the comfort of your living room. I’ll guide you through the easy step by step techniques that you can use immediately in your own life.

Couples Training Online

Online instructions for couples. When you book together with your spouse, you can learn and have fun immediately using the techniques. Get the most out of erotic hypnosis by sharing with your spouse

Lean, Apply and Master Erotic Hypnosis Privately in 3 Days

Day 1. BASICs

The basic fundamental principles of hypnosis and using hypnosis in erotic play. Practical, experiential learning.

Day 2. Sensations

Opening up the pandora box and letting loose the imagination, feelings, sensations and emotions

Day 3. Advanced

Advanced techniques and formulating suggestions for maximum safety, clearing out negativity, and healing past emotional wounds.


Pleasure and joy are natural states that make us feel alive and happy. We experience many types of pleasure. I’ll take you through a 7 step mind training process to help you be fully responsive, remove negative habits, let go of your past, heal emotional wounds, and experience full sensual, ecstatic freedom.

Based on over 50000 hours of therapeutic experiences with women, the conditioning with pleasure method is taught by Mark Cunningham. You can experience any kind of pleasure you like in trance, you can be fully orgasmic and you can be fully human! 

The 7-Steps Of The Renegade Hypnotic Conditioning Process


"There are Two great human motivators: Pleasure and Pain. The desire for pleasure and avoidance of pain.

Anthony Robbins

"A woman is fully orgasmic or neurotic, she cannot be both"

Mark Cunnigham

"Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom

Viktor Frankl

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trance

Trance is a natural altered state of consciousness similar to daydreaming, being totally focused on an idea, a movie, a good book, a fascinating enchanting story, or a stimulating conversation.

Can I be Hypnotized

Everyone can be hypnotized. the issue is; For, what, by whom? All hypnosis is basically self-hypnosis. We live in a world of agreements or covenants. What we agree to repeatedly becomes our automatic habits.

Mass Control, myths, and Lies

The power of life and death is in each person. When we forego our own ability to think clearly and perceive reality as it really is, we became victims of our own devices, of the society,  of laws and governments which we made in the first place!

Can I learn to Hypnotize?

Anyone can learn to hypnotize and in reality, you are a great hypnotist and hypnotic subject! You did learn a lot of things and mastered complex skills like speaking, writing, reading, riding a bike, or driving a car. Question is why would you want to learn to hypnotize someone?

Where can I Learn Real hypnosis

Hypnosis is a diverse subject and is multi-faceted like humanity. Start learning the basics and experience the process of hypnosis here with me then decide which approach would suit your needs.

Is Hypnosis dangerous?

I hear this often the question is;  is it dangerous to cross a road full of traffic without looking? Is it dangerous to buy matches or knives in the supermarket? Ignorance and wrong use is the biggest danger.