Fitness Training is a much-misused word because most fitness approaches are neither thought out nor safe for human beings in the long run!

Get Fit and keep the results for life!

Now You can get fit at home and keep the results for life when you train wholistically!

Excellence complete home training has been developed and designed from the experience of over 35 years in sports and fitness. I have trained, coached and managed the wellbeing of hundreds of individuals from different backgrounds, ages and facing different challenges!

Douglas Alexander

Douglas Alexander

Trainer, Coach, Hypnotist

I have helped hundreds of people get fit, feel better, and keep their results for the long term! Getting fit, strong, and being healthy and helping others get fit and live better lives has been my life’s mission for many years. As a child, feeling weak and inadequate, I turned to martial arts inspired by kung-fu movies of Bruce Lee and traditional martial arts. I trained in Tae Kwon Do, Boxing, and Karate. Later got into weight training, Athletics, and Acrobatics to get strong, agile, and powerful to improve in the Martial arts.

After my 2nd Degree Blackbelt, I decided to focus more on the body-mind training and deeper meaning of life.

The wisdom, discipline, and guidance from many teachers have enabled me to develop and grow in my own ways. Excellence Training is an approach to a way of getting fit and having sustainable results in the most natural way possible because when you train your mind, the body follows and vise versa!

Thank you for your interest and trust,


Douglas Alexander


Excellence Complete Home fitness Training is a holistic approach to training your mind and body for the results you really want!

first I’ll take you through a smart fitness goal setting, then we will find out what your perception of your excellent life is. then we will measure where you are and make realistic steps for you to get to where you want to be physically and mentally! It is simple, safe, and easy to implement.

I do not know where you are with your fitness or what kind of physical or mental challenges you face. If you follow the instructions, stay simple, it will be easy to stay true and get results in due time!

Complete Home Training Program

The Complete program Trains your body and mind. To get the most out of this program follow the step-by-step instructions and use the personal fitness Journal which you get as a bonus for investing in this product!

Bellow find the descriptions of all that you will get from this program.

Here Are Some of the Benefits for you!

  • You will learn how to relax and feel good as your body changes and adapts to exercises.

  • you will get easy to follow nutritional guidelines

  • You will have a daily overview of thoughts feelings and emotions

  • you will have a life-work balance management system

  • able to manage your emotions

  • you will learn to boost your metabolism and immune system

  • You will have Accelerated fat burn

  • You will be Motivated & Inspired to exercise and eat right

  • You’ll have a choice of 5 minutes and 20 minutes of relaxation mental exercises

  • You’ll have a total wellness plan to help you recuperate and recover faster

  • You’ll get a Complete exercise plan and know when to train for the best results!