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What does your company really need in these times of crisis? How do you want to grow and develop? What do you want to learn or accomplish? Let us find out the meaning and purpose of your company in the lives of your employees and how to mobilize all your resources for a profitable future. Get a check on Absenteeism due to health-related issues, qualify, update, and eliminate wasted resources used on employees’ fitness incentives and benefits like fitness studio memberships that are never used among many issues. At E.T. we have the solutions.

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Personal Fitness and Wellness consulting at work!  To find out your specific needs and outcomes and to tailor-make, a fitness, coaching or a wellness vitality plan and strategy for all your employees whether live in person or via Video at the safety and comfort of their homes offices.  Coaching and training via video has become easy, affordable, effective, and fun!  Do you want your Employee’s productivity to change for the better? Or maybe getting more relaxed, confident and balanced to improve career prospects?  As your consultant, I’ll guide, support, and accompany you in the best way to evaluate, measure, qualify each individual’s level of fitness, wellness, and overall job satisfaction as their lives improve from my online and live services.

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